Worship team

worshipThe Worship Team is focused on bringing the people of God into a place of vibrant praise and true worship, as one body. The music spans most styles from contemporary to traditional, serious to popular. We are focused on bringing our best to God.

The Worship Team gets together, for practice every Thursday night at 19h00 to 21h15.

You will have to audition, so being able to sing in tune is necessary. The Worship Team has loads of fun but also work hard.

Newcomers are always welcome, but should be willing to undergo intensive training, submit to leadership and be willing to work within a solid structure before considered to partake in services.

So, if you can play an instrument or you can sing, have a sincere calling and desire to become involved and would like to join the Worship Team you can contact the Ministry Leader in: Arts and Technology (Music/Sound/Arts)